Laurence Tarver

Laurence Tarver

I am supporting Ms. Rita Lewis for Denver City Council as a former member of the George Washington High School staff, a retired high school football coach and administrator. When Rita was a student of mine at George Washington High School, she was a very intelligent and dedicated young lady performing her best in my biology class. Rita was also very involved in various student activities and school functions. She performed at the top of her class and was well liked by all students. I am thoroughly please to support Rita because she is a dedicated person in trying to make our community as productive and safe as possible. She is a friendly, tremendous communicator, has creativity in all ideas, and has wonderful leadership qualities. She is a listener of all concepts and maintains an ability to consciously make decisions which improve our community.

As an engaged advocate and attorney providing support and recommendations to the Denver community, she has been instrumental based on her active participation, in being a positive impact to our community. I am so pleased that she is choosing to become active in the political arena.


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November 9, 2022